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PIPELINE: August 2016 Newsletter

Inter-Continental Trading's new online dealer ordering system in test final phase; Golden Ticket promo in full swing; filtered cigar marketing support, product spotlight and more.

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Online Dealer Ordering Testing Phase

Online dealer ordering will streamline the purchasing process.

We're in the final testing phase of our online ordering system! As part of an overall website refresh, Inter-Continental Trading USA will offer an easy-to-use system to dealers looking for the convenience of online ordering. Registered distributors and wholesalers will be able to fill in the desired quantities of ICT products and simply hit "send". A confirmation will be sent via return email that the order has been processed. If you'd like to participate in the system testing, or would like more information, please contact Tom Burns at tom@ictusainc.com

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ICT Promotions in Full Swing

ICT customers win big with OHM!

Specially marked bags of 16oz OHM Pipe Tobacco featuring a big, bold gold sticker have been hitting store shelves for weeks, and with it, OHM customers are hitting it big. This promotional campaign features 30 lucky bags of OHM tobacco containing winning Golden Tickets, and over a thousand that include Silver Tickets worth valuable coupons. Already, customers from Massachusetts, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and Illinois have claimed their $250, as well as hundreds more returning to retail outlets with a coupon to save on their next purchase. Additionally, ICT Rewards Programthe Loyalty Points Program continues to pick up speed with new merchandise such as a 40" flat screen TV and 8" Wi-Fi tablet added to the mix. Point values can be found on OHM, 752, Au Naturall'e pipe tobacco and filtered cigars, as well as Shargio tubes. These promotions are great opportunities to increase sales to your valued retailers, designed to drive more traffic to their stores. The Golden Ticket campaign and Loyalty Program are just the beginning of ICT's efforts on consumer-focused initiatives. Click the links for more information and official rules.

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New Sales E-fax Number

Faxes delivered straight to the order desk!

As part of our efforts to make ordering more efficient, we've added a new fax number that delivers your PO directly to the customer service desktop. This new system bypasses our standard fax machine, eliminating mechanical issues that can cause orders to be delayed. Simply fax your order to 800-507-0943 for processing. Our old fax number will remain active during the transition.

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Filtered Cigar Marketing Campaign

Advertising push to boost filtered cigar sales!

For many retailers, filtered cigars remain an untapped or under-utilized category. To drive the point home, ICT has unveiled a targeted marketing campaign to educate retailers on the benefits of including our line of filtered cigars in the rack. The campaign features print and electronic ads, companion articles and press releases, a dedicated web page and in-store promotions. ICT's filtered cigar strategy will culminate at NACS 2016 with a roll-out of the full line.

Success Starts Here

OHM DUO and Au Naturall'e Cigars

Product Spotlight: Au Naturall'e Filtered Cigars

Capture higher margins with less SKUs!

Premium products may comprise less than 30% of the little cigar market, but profit margins can be 10 times greater than their value-brand counterparts. And OHM customers can leverage the name of one of the top-selling brands in the country and increase margins by adding two exciting SKUs. Au Naturall'e Filtered Cigars feature additive and preservative-free premium OHM tobacco in four flavors--Red, Gold, Menthol and Perique. With all- natural products posting double-digit gains--and consumers willing to pay a little more--Au Naturall'e filtered cigars are the ticket to realize a larger share of the market and higher tobacco profits. Order your filtered cigar profit-builders today!

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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“I am always impressed with the customer service provided by ICT. Whenever I suggest or recommend something, they are always quick to accommodate. They respond to questions immediately and are very quick to resolve any issues. I have had the pleasure of working with many different departments. Shargio is a great person with a mind for business. Malika is always so friendly when working with me on invoices. Darrell is great in putting through my orders and staying on top of the new brands and promotions, (I love his colorful emails). Barb is the face on the street and she represents ITC with professionalism and kindness. Everyone in the company represents what a manufacturer should be.”

- Angela Steinke, Tobacco Buyer Topicz, OH
“Just wanted to let you know, it’s great having Inter-Continental Trading in our corner supplying us with their line of tobacco products and accessories. The growth and success of my business has depended on the advice of what products to carry by their highly knowledgeable and personable staff. At Tobacco Express Depot, we have run the gamut from ordering OHM tobacco, 752 tobacco, Shargio filtered cigars and tubes, and yet still look forward to ICT developing new and exciting products! I truly believe that Inter-Continental Trading has me and my team in their best interest when it comes to supplying me the right product, at the right price. Way to go Inter-Continental!”

- Bob Fuller, President Tobacco Express Depot, FL
“Thank you for all that you guys do for us. Your customer service is top notch and Syed always goes above and beyond to help! When we started with ICT, we carried only one size of OHM tobacco. Now we carry almost the entire line! Since then we added the Shargio tubes and have great success with them as well. We look forward to many more years of success and growth together.”

- Louis Valentine Wigley & Culp, MS
“Barb has been coming to our store regularly for 2 years. And finally, in October of 2015, I decided to become a partner with ICT brands. At first, it was OHM tobacco in one size, but has quickly grown to the full OHM line, 752, Shargio tubes and now the new Au Naturall’e. We also decided to have some fun around the holidays with an ICT Christmas tree! I’m happy to say I have a great partnership with ICT!”

- Dawn Miller Smoking Joe’s Discount Tobacco, OH
“I have been working with Inter-Continental Trading for over 5 years now and I wanted to take a moment to write and say how happy we are with our experience. We currently carry OHM Tobacco, along with the Shargio tubes in over 13 of our stores and it has become one of our best sellers. As a buyer for Russell Oil, I work with many different suppliers and the professionalism of your staff has made my job a little easier. Keep up the good work!”

- Terry Stevens, Buyer Russell Oil Company, IL
“I have sold OHM tobacco for several years now and have always been impressed with this product. And with the help of ICT rep Emily Taylor, have learned even more about tobacco! I am looking forward to working with Emily and adding even more of the Inter-Continental line.”

- Kelly Tuma, Buyer Tobacco Express, Pinson AL
“I have carried OHM tobacco for over 4 years, and enjoy a wonderful relationship with both Inter-Continental Trading and the local rep. The combination of excellent products and the best customer service has been a recipe for great success!”

- Dawn Miller, Manager Tobacco Express, Trussville AL