Strategic asset purchase expands portfolio and market reach with Roxwell and Westport pipe tobacco, tubes, and filtered cigars.

Inter-Continental Trading USA, Inc., manufacturer of the OHM, 752, Shargio, and Kashmir brands, is pleased to announce the purchase of the Roxwell and Westport pipe tobacco, cigarette tube, and filtered cigar brands.

Inter-Continental Trading USA, Inc. is recognized as one of the top manufacturers of pipe tobacco, cigarette tubes, and filtered cigars in the U.S. The purchase expands not only ICT’s portfolio but also opens new sales channels and private label opportunities.

“We’ve been committed to growth over the last several years, despite the turbulent OTP market,” said Shargio Patel, President of Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc., “We are excited about the potential that the Roxwell and Westport brands offer in terms of expanding our market penetration.”

Romas Marcinkivicius of ROMAR Int’l., adds: “I have always admired what Shargio has accomplished with the OHM and Shargio brands, and look forward to seeing the same continued success with Roxwell and Westport.”

The ROMAR Int’l. brands included in the purchase are Roxwell Pipe Tobacco, Roxwell Cigarette Tubes, Westport Pipe Tobacco, and Westport Filtered Cigars. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.