Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is intended to educate and inform you about any/all information that may be collected from you as you visit We will disclose how this information may be utilized and/or disclosed, what you can do to control your information and how your information is protected.

We use a secure server with the latest encryption technology to protect all account information. We do not rent, sell, or distribute your name, address, email address, or other personal information. This information is used only to process and ship your order, and to assist you in your inquiries on its status.

Information collected may be used to identify an individual or business and used to gather demographic information. Information collected may include, but not limited to, a first and last name, email address, a physical address, IP address, other contact information, title, or other information when needed to provide a service you requested.

By visiting this site we gather specific public information, like your IP address, time and date of your visit, frequency of your visits, browser, and operating system you used. We, being the company that owns this domain, will never give out any information collected from your visit. If you sign up for the newsletter you can opt out at any time.

Information we collect

You are not asked to or required to provide information just to visit our web site. But, when you utiliz some of the site’s capabilities including: registering for a newsletter, engaging with us via social media and/or request information from our site we may ask you to provide your contact name, email address, postal address and phone number.

Information we may collect automatically as you visit and/or engage with our site:

  1. Your Internet Protocol or IP address.
  2. The type of browser you are using and/or operating system.
  3. The specific web pages you visited prior to visiting our site and the pages you accessed via our site.
  4. Information you have provided as part of the commenting process on our site.
  5. Pages that you view and click-through, and specific links that you have clicked through in our site.
  6. Your bandwidth speed and general information about software programs that have been installed on your computer.
  7. Aggregate information that reflects your click-through rates of pages on our site.
  8. Server log information aggregated via HTML code or cookies and/or related technologies.
Statistical Analysis

We are constantly striving to learn more about how our site is utilized and how we can improve your user experience; to that end, we aggregate and analyze data that we collect. We can in some cases use this information to improve your usage of and engagement with our site and to improve how our content is optimized for your needs (text, video, social media interaction).

Information we collect from the other sources

We in some cases access information about you that is provided to us by third party platforms or vendors including: ad networks, social media sites, databases services, online advertising or marketing companies and ad targeting including: Facebook or Twitter connection via our site, including your user name, demographic information that may include your age, interests, gender, your interaction with ads and viewing information, click-through rates, specific and unique identifiers that can encompass mobile device information number that can also indentify your physical information of a mobile device that is governed by the applicable law.

Please know that we may also combine information we have generated with information that can be provided by or obtained from third-party sources. This information is used to either improve your user experience with our site and/or to enable us to better target advertising or information we provide you.

How collected information is utilized

If you have signed up for one of our newsletters or attendance for an online event or related service we may send you: the newsletter you requested, e-mail messages and communications that contain content updates or editorial information, information about your subscription account or updates to our service and/or promotional messages that from our advertising or marketing partners.


We can and do in some cases utilize information that we collect to prevent or block illegal activities to protect the rights of our visitors/users and to ensure our Terms and Conditions are addressed.

Cookie Usage and Related Advertising Serving Technologies and Processes

As we have referenced earlier in this document, some information about you may be collected by using cookies and related third-party technologies.

  • A cookie is simply a piece of limited information about you that is stored on a computer for the sole purpose of identifying the browser’s interaction with a website.
  • Cookies can and used to store information including but not limited to identifiers and user preferences.
  • A website may set a cookie with your browser if, in fact, your browser settings allow this. Please note, your browser only controls permission set by a single website to access cookie information it has set/given permission to and has no ability to access other cookies set by other web sites.
  • Your cookie settings can and will change based on your usage or interaction with other web sites.
  • You have the ability to modify your browser settings to reject all cookies, accept only specific cookies and/or be notified after your preferences have been made.
  • Many third party Advertising Networks are Members of the National Advertising Initiative (“NAI”). If you wish to opt out of having your information collected by NAI member organizations and/or to understand how these companies are using information they may obtain about you, or, to view their Privacy Policy please click-through this link to the NAI web site.
Accessing our site from outside the United States

Our site, business and server account are based in the U.S. If you visit our site from outside the US please know that information you provide us, access to our web site and/or interaction with our site, business processes, any interaction of any type is governed by US law. We cannot guarantee that your privacy and/or data collection issues that are governed by US laws will be consistent to or in agreement with your country of residence laws. By utilizing our site you are conceding to providing us information, consent to collection of same and/or processing of all data or information in accordance with US laws.

Modifying our privacy policy

We may modify our privacy policy moving forward. If we do, we will note changes in the policy by changing the Effective Date referenced at the bottom of this document and/or we will also contact you via the primary email address you have utilized to register with our web site and reflect these changes in this Privacy Policy document.

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I am a creature of habit, but in my last order, I chose this rather than my usual Good Stuff Gold and expected less than greatness, given the price. As it turns out, this will now be my ongoing choice. Very similar to the GS Gold in smoothness, taste, cut, consistency and, I believe, with even fewer stems, etc. Excellent products, very impressive value.


– JM from Smokers Outlet

“Thank you for all that you guys do for us. Your customer service is top notch and Syed always goes above and beyond to help! When we started with ICT, we carried only one size of OHM tobacco. Now we carry almost the entire line! Since then we added the Shargio tubes and have great success with them as well. We look forward to many more years of success and growth together.”

– Louis Valentine
Wigley & Culp, MS

“I have carried OHM tobacco for over 4 years, and enjoy a wonderful relationship with both Inter-Continental Trading and the local rep. The combination of excellent products and the best customer service has been a recipe for great success!”

– Dawn Miller, Manager Tobacco Express, Trussville AL

“I have sold OHM tobacco for several years now and have always been impressed with this product. And with the help of ICT rep Emily Taylor, have learned even more about tobacco! I am looking forward to working with Emily and adding even more of the Inter-Continental line.”

– Kelly Tuma, Buyer Tobacco Express, Pinson AL

“I have been working with Inter-Continental Trading for over 5 years now and I wanted to take a moment to write and say how happy we are with our experience. We currently carry OHM Tobacco, along with the Shargio tubes in over 13 of our stores and it has become one of our best sellers. As a buyer for Russell Oil, I work with many different suppliers and the professionalism of your staff has made my job a little easier. Keep up the good work!”

– Terry Stevens, Buyer Russell Oil Company, IL