OHM, Au Naturall’e, 752 Pipe Tobacco and Shargio Tube customers can redeem points for swag.

Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc. has recently unveiled an innovative Loyalty Points Program, designed to elevate the customer experience for patrons of OHM, Au Naturall’e, 752 Pipe Tobacco, and Shargio Tube products. This program introduces a rewarding journey where customers can not only acquire but also exchange points for an array of branded merchandise. The strategic integration of this program accentuates the company’s commitment to its clientele, as highlighted by Shargio Patel, the esteemed President of Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc.

Recognizing the pivotal role that repeat customers play in the company’s success, Mr. Patel articulated, “The bedrock of our enterprise lies in our loyal customers. To express our gratitude for their unwavering support, we have conceptualized an engaging program that stands as a testament to our appreciation.”

Each package of OHM, Au Naturall’e, 752 Pipe Tobacco, and even the 752 Filtered Cigars and Shargio Tubes now features easily locatable point values right next to the UPC label. This intuitive design empowers customers to swiftly identify the points associated with their preferred products. The endeavor showcases the brand’s dedication to ensuring seamless interactions between patrons and their preferred products.

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Upon accumulating a substantial quantity of points, customers can access the program’s dedicated website at www.ictusainc.com. The user-friendly interface features a designated “Rewards” tab and a prominent banner highlighting the ICT Loyalty Points Program. A simple click directs customers to a comprehensive page showcasing an array of available merchandise, complete with a succinct outline of the straightforward three-step process for redeeming their hard-earned points. This digital avenue serves as an embodiment of the company’s intention to add an extra layer of delight to every engagement with its offerings.

This pioneering Loyalty Points Program marks just the initial step in Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc.’s strategic endeavors to fortify its consumer-centric initiatives. This unveiling coincides harmoniously with a strategic overhaul of the company’s website, a testament to its commitment to enhancing every facet of customer interaction. The meticulously curated selection of products – OHM, Au Naturall’e, and 752 Pipe Tobacco – is meticulously fashioned from premium American-grown tobacco blends. This focus on premium ingredients underscores the company’s dedication to delivering unparalleled quality to its discerning patrons.

As the Loyalty Points Program emerges as a pivotal bridge between Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc. and its cherished customers, the brand signifies its evolution towards an era of elevated customer appreciation and engagement. With the program’s ingenious integration, patrons are poised to embark on a journey of reward, recognition, and enduring loyalty, all while relishing the impeccable tobacco offerings that lie at the core of the brand’s ethos.